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Znak Polish edition:,nId,2437629
- in one of the largest Polish horizontal portals -
one of the most popular parenting websites - "You thought the
new adaptation of Stephen King's "It" was the best premiere of the year?
You're wrong. "The Savage Kingdom" by Simon David Eden makes the reader
wonder (even a 30 year old!) whether the apocalypse can come from where
we least expect it" ;)
- "The relations between the three main characters are very convincing,
described with a lot of true emotions"

Some of the Instagram photos - with cats of course!: -
this one quotes you: _Worry gives a small thing a big shadow_.

S&S UK edition:

'... THOUGHT PROVOKING. Original. Imaginative. Through his VIBRANT STORTELLING, Simon David Eden has painted a picture of what may lie ahead that should serve as a warning. The Savage Kingdom is a book for all ages, written by someone who cares deeply about nature and its creatures. It is for everyone who cares about the balanced and shared survival of animals and humans, and who loves our beautiful planet...'
Virginia Mckenna OBE, The Born Free Foundation

'... found myself unable to put this book down. I held my breath more than once, my heart was racing at times, and I occasionally skipped ahead because I just couldn’t stand the suspense. I also loved that The Savage Kingdom isn’t just a book about epic battles, courage and hope. It’s also a story of the abiding love between a girl and her cat. If you’re a fan of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, you’re going to love The Savage Kingdom. I can’t wait for the next book in the series...'
Ingrid King Author & Editor of multi award-winning website The Conscious Cat

'...Screenwriter Simon David Eden brings his skills in plotting suspense and action to his first book for children. Jam-packed with ideas, adventure and humour, The Savage Kingdom will appeal to animal lovers, video game fans and avid readers alike...a vibrant story, full of magic and adventure – this will appeal to a wide range of readers aged ten and upwards...'
Paula Niclomhair, Children's Books Ireland

'... a book as ideas-packed as it is ACTION PACKED ...original, unusual and well worth recommending...'
Andrea Reece, Books for Keeps

'... fantasy adventure book that cat lovers are sure to truly enjoy!...'
A Daydreamer's Thoughts Blog

'... If you like animal adventures you'll love this... it's FANTASTIC!...'

'A thoughtful book and very interesting, cannot wait to read the second one next year!'
Elenor Sandström GoodReads website

'a fun adventure with some great characters'
Kirsti GoodReads website

5 STARS Amazon reader reviews:

'A fantastic book!! Perfect for my primary school class!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book!
Elliott Coard

'An unforgettable book and GRIPPING story that everyone should read'
Eli Ba

'What an amazing, BRILLIANT book. It grabs you from page 1 and doesn't let go until you finish it - the first film company executive to read it will be turning it into a summer BLOCKBUSTER!'
Sally Kenchington